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Myth #5 - In the 11-a-side game, the weakest players can hide. When they are placed in a smaller-sided game, they will get exposed and embarrassed and quit


Reality: Kids quit because they are not being taught the necessary skills and tactics to enjoy the game; because they feel pressured by adults to win, or not make mistakes; because they are not allowed to express themselves and play on their own terms; because they are not allowed to participate in meaningful ways; because they do not develop ownership and therefore do not develop a passion; and because they are not having any fun.

“For some reason, adults – some who can’t even kick a ball – think it’s perfectly okay to scream at children while they’re playing soccer. How normal would it seem if a mother gave a six-year-old some crayons and a coloring book and started screaming? “Use the red crayon! Stay in the lines! Don’t use yellow!” You think that child would develop a passion for drawing? Most important, parents must realize that playing sports is a way for children to express themselves.”

Claudio Reyna, US World Cup Captain