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United Soccer Association (USA) is a recreation CO-ED soccer league based in Peoria, AZ since 1990. We have served thousands of young players since our inception with many of them returning as coaches, referees or Board Members.  Our league is unique as we are not a competitive club, but our player’s talent levels are a step above other recreation leagues in the NW Valley.  

USA teams offer a family first environment. All games, for all ages, are played on Saturdays in the same location, Glendale Community College.  Families with multiple children can sit back and relax without the stress of driving around town to their next game. 

USA does not hold try outs. All boys and girls, ages 3-14 are welcome regardless of experience or talent level.  At USA, we realize patience is the key to success in developing talent within children.  USA coaches are all volunteer parents, most coaching their children’s or even their grandchildren’s teams. We welcome any adult willing to dedicate the time and effort needed to emphasize fun and player development while leading by example.   We ask our coaches to not emphasize “winning at all costs“, but to teach a love for the game and how to play that game competitively and positively.  At USA, all of our coaches, volunteers and referees have passed an annual back ground check with ASA before they come in contact with our players.

USA Soccer has produced very talented players that are constantly recruited by outside coaches and clubs looking to add to their talent pool.  We also have kids that, after their time with USA, move on to other fulfilling activities outside of soccer.  We believe our players need to be kids, we do not ask our players to commit all their free time to soccer. USA players are Boy/Girls Scouts, Band Members, Church Group Members, Ballet Dancers and many other things in addition to soccer players. USA players are asked to put in hard work while with their teams, and try to fit more practice time in on their own.

We look forward to seeing you out on the field soon!