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Q. How much of my registration fee goes to my coach?
A. None! All USA Board Members and Coaches are volunteers!

Q. How can I become a volunteer with USA Soccer?
A. USA Soccer needs good people to donate their time to the children of this league. We are always looking for good coaches, board members, field marking, set up and take down, and event staff. Find a board member online or at the information tent every Saturday for more details. All volunteers must be able to pass a back ground check before accepting any position with USA Soccer.

Q. What do I need to register if my child is new to soccer?
A. Register online or at pre-season camp. Please upload or bring a legible copy  of  your  child’s  birth  certificate  and  turn  it  in  to  your  coach  or  a  USA  Board   Member.

Q. Can my child play on an Older/Younger team?
A. Any player can play UP in age with league approval and a signed waiver. NO player can play DOWN in any age group, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Q. How are USA team formed?
A. Teams are formed based on: Age of the player, coach requests, teammate requests, and zip code.

Q. Can I chose my coach or team?
A. You can request any coach or team you would like pre-season. Depending on roster size, your coach of choice may have room for you on their team. Once the season begins, USA does not permit switching teams to play for a different coach.

Q. If I request to be a coach, will I be guaranteed a team?
A. NO! We cannot guarantee, but many coaches like to have asst coaches to help at practice and games.

Q. If I withdraw my child from soccer, do I get a full refund?
A. Full refunds are given before the season begins. After the season begins, refunds are issued at the discretion of the USA Board Members.

Q. When does the USA Soccer Season begin/end?
A. For the Fall Season, USA Soccer offers a FREE pre-season camp for 3 Saturday mornings in August and Sept.  We play 10 weeks followed by the tournament. For the Spring Season, USA Soccer offers a FREE pre-season camp for 3 Saturday mornings in January and February. We play 10 weeks followed by the tournament. 

Q.  How many practices per week will my team have?
A.  U4 Little Cleats Academy meets every Saturday during the season. U6 has one practice per week. U8-U14 has two practices per week.

Q. How many players on a team are on a team?
A. U6 – 6 maximum on roster. 3v3 on the field.

U8 - 6 maximum on roster. 4v4 on the field(no goalies)
U10 – 9 maximum on roster. 6v6 on the field.

U12/U14 – 11 maximum on roster. 8v8 on the field.

Q. How are USA Coaches selected and how long can they coach?
A. USA coaches are volunteers. Some are recruited from team rosters, most have asked to coach a team. Coaches are welcome to coach as long as they can. USA Soccer will only ask a coach to resign if he/she cannot follow the USA Coaching Guidelines and has received several negative complaints regarding ethics and challenges the safety of one or all USA Soccer players.

Q. When are activities and games halted due to weather conditions?
A1. When any of the following conditions exist:
1) Lightning within ten (10) miles
2) Wind gusts in excess of 55 MPH
3) Sustained winds greater than 40 MPH
4) Excessive flooding on the fields

A2. Most notifications will be game time or practice time decisions.
A. For game cancellations, Coaches will be notified by the league, your coach will notify the team. Be sure your coach has proper contact info before the season begins.

Q. What size ball does my child need for practice?
U6 & U8 – size 3
U10 & U12 – size 4
U14 – size 5

Q. Are shin guards needed to play USA Soccer?
A. ALL players must wear shin guards, completely covered by socks, for every practice and game.

Q. What footwear is allowable in USA Soccer?
A. Any sneaker is allowable. Cleats can be worn but are not mandatory, but must not have a front cleat. (i.e. football or baseball cleats)

Q. How soon should I expect a response to my question asked via email? A. 48hrs is the maximum in most cases.