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Why Small Sided Soccer(SSS)?

  • More touches on the ball.

  • Greater exposure to technical and tactical situations.

  • Intuitive development - transition becomes automatic.

  • Goal scoring opportunities is increased.

  • Greater involvement and motivation.

  • More FUN!

More Considerations for SSS

  • Larger numbers on the field (i.e., 11v11) create more concern about positions and systems, versus the general development of the individual player and their understanding of the concepts of the game.

  • At the younger ages, spatial awareness and the lack of technical and tactical range often sets the players up for failure.

  • Coaching games with larger numbers than 8v8 are often too complicated, so coaches often focus on structural issues (i.e., formation and positions) rather than individual technique and small group tactics.

USA Soccer SSS by Division

Age Division Players on field Goalkeepers Roster Size

  • U6 3 v 3  No 6 max

  • U8        4 v 4 No 7 max

  • U10 6 v 6 Yes 9 max

  •  U12+U14 8 v 8 Yes             12 max

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