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About USA United Competitive Club
Posted Apr 7, 2019

Our Club

USA is dedicated to coaching, training, and developing youth soccer players in Arizona. It is our mission to transform talented soccer players into skilled, competitive players. We take a child’s raw talent and harness it to help them become a well-rounded soccer player, allowing them to become an outstanding individual on the field, as well as an effective team player. Our goal is to (1) give players the opportunity to reach their highest soccer potential, (2) build up character such as, sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, and perseverance, and (3) create a lifetime of opportunities through the game of soccer.


Our History

USA has helped over 30 players earn a collegiate soccer scholarship, including scholarships from D1 schools (this does not include players who were offered soccer scholarships but declined).

Previous USA United teams have played in the Open Cup, won the championships, played in regional tournaments, advanced from the open league to the state league and placed in the top 12 teams in the State.


Our Coaches

Our goal as coaches and trainers is to, (1) train our players to be physically strong enough for the challenges they encounter in the game, as well as, (2) give them just enough tools and instruction for them to be mentally agile so they can think for themselves and adapt to the constantly changing environment.


Our Cost

We pride ourselves in being one of the most affordable competitive clubs in the valley.


For further information contact:

Lydia Padilla

(602) 810-5457