United Soccer Association

USA Coaching Philosophy
  • Value the sport and share your love and enjoyment with all players; as long as you coach, coach in a positive way
  • Put players first; keep in mind that your players need to be the center of attention and be committed to what is best for them
  • Help players shorten the trial-and-error process of learning and ease the trial-and-terror experiences of competing - focus on effort rather than outcome
  • Motivate your players; no matter what, their level of skill will improve without you intimidating them through fear, shame or violence
  • Focus on the proper skills required, a strategy to educate and teach them, and exercises to practice and perfect them; it all needs to be organized to produce the required repetition for each and every player
  • Build a partnership with all players and be willing to listen to all of them, hear criticism and respond by acting rather than reacting
  • Integrity, trustworthiness and technical know-how are probably the most important attributes of a fine coach
  • Be self motivated to gain more knowledge; always ask questions of other coaches, referees and board members; don't stop learning
  • Always be willing to help other coaches in their quest for more knowledge; do your part to make soccer fun for kids and coaches.

USA Soccer will provide a coach's clinic pre-season, online resources, coach manuals and in person support and feedback throughout the season to ensure all our coaches are developing, helping their teams to learn and all are having fun.